Monday, January 25, 2010


Not a lot happened this week; I didn't even take any pictures. Usually I take way too many and have to decide which ones to post. Since this week has been a slow one, I've decided to post some updates about things I've already told you about.

Jeremy thinks his interview went really well last week. Unfortunately, they have a lot of people they are interviewing. We're supposed to hear at the end of this week if he'll get a 2nd interview, so it will be a while before we know if we get the job or not. We both really like the sound of this job, and it's all Jeremy can think about. We'll be sitting there eating dinner or something and he will randomly say, "I really hope I get that job." It makes me laugh.

Our neighbors whose apartment flooded 2 weeks ago have found a new place to live. I don't blame them. The disaster cleanup crew that came in found asbestos. So they have to get rid of that before they can even start repairs. So it will be at least 3 more weeks before they would be able to move back in. So I don't blame them for finding a new place. Luckily their new house is just a few blocks away, so we can still play, but they are no longer in our ward! We will sure miss them!

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Official

Jeremy received his diploma from UVU this week, so he is officially a college graduate. I can't believe it's real. It seems like he was going to school for so long, and now that he's done, there is an excitement in the air about where our lives will go from here. We have been fortunate enough to have a few interviews already. We aren't too thrilled with the companies so far, but at least he's getting job interviews. He does have in interview tomorrow morning that we are both excited about. We'll see how that pans out though. His diploma looks so great, especially considering all the hard work it represents. Now we just have to wait for April to roll around so that he can walk and we can get all the pictures of him in his cap and gown!

In other news this week, Clara has decided it would be fun to see how many pencils she can put into a fan. (And yes, the fan was unplugged.)Clara wanted to wear her winter hat this week. She put it on, and then said, "Ears hiding!" She loved the idea that even her ears can hide. That is her new favorite "idea." She'll hide under the table all the time. I'll also say things like, "Where are your shoes?" Even though they are in plain sight on the floor, she'll say, "Shoes hiding in living room." Oh it makes me laugh.

Clara has also become fascinated with the camera. She has now made the connection of being able to see herself when I get it out. So now I have to show her every picture that I take. She also has started wanting me in the pictures with her. As a side note, Clara loves "friends." Any little kid is her "friend." I love how accepting she is of everyone. One day we were playing together and she said, "Clara Mom friends." It made my day knowing that she thinks we are friends. I know I better enjoy that as long as I can!

Jeremy and his cousin Ryan are Lord of the Rings fans. So they decided to have a movie marathon. Ryan came over to our house at 8:30 Saturday morning and watched all 3 Lord of the Rings movies - extended versions! They had so much fun comparing the movies with the books. Ryan's wife and daughter came over later on in the day too. It was fun to have them over for so long!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy Week

We have had one of the most eventful weeks in a long time. Be forewarned this post will contain lots of stories and very few pictures.

Jeremy started a new shift this last week. He now works from 12:30 to 9:00 pm. It's nice to have him home in the mornings, but I would rather have him home in the evenings. We have had a few people invite us over for dinner, but with Jeremy's new schedule, we don't get to go. :(

Jeremy ended his internship this last week. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this last week, Jeremy left the house at 7:30 am and didn't get home until 9:30 pm. He was glad to be done with his internship so that he doesn't have to put in such long days, but also sad to give up the only graphic design job he had....

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I tried to potty train Clara. Tuesday was spent having her pick out pretty princess underwear, having her help me "potty train" a doll so that Clara would understand the process and the rewards for being dry. Clara loved her new underwear, loved getting chocolate for being dry, and even loved her new Cars "circle." I woke up Wednesday being hopeful and expecting a long, hard day. However, the excitement was gone after nap time. She refused to put on another pair of underwear and just wanted her diaper. I gave in because all morning, she only went in the toilet once and 5 times off the toilet. Two of those times were right on my lap! She just wasn't understanding. Most of those accidents happened just after she got off the toilet. And yes, she had been sitting there plenty long enough to go in the toilet. So I gave up, did lots of laundry, and plan on trying again in a few more months.

We had stake conference this week end. The week before stake conference, our Stake Presidency encourages us to spend as much time in the temple as possible. Their ideal is to spend an entire day in the temple and do several sessions in one day. It's not possible for us to do that, but we were able to attend a sealing session this week. We went Friday morning before Jeremy had to go to work. I'm always amazed at how much work going to the temple can be. It can be so stressful and I was not in a good mood that morning. I was quick to anger at almost everything that was going "wrong" that morning. But once I got to the temple, I was so grateful for the opportunity to go. It's so wonderful to spend time with your eternal companion in such a peaceful setting. It truly helps our marriage every time we go. Thanks to my visiting teacher, who was more than willing to watch Clara for me, I was able to go to the temple by myself on Thursday. It had been a very long time since I had done initiatories, and I had such a wonderful time sitting and pondering the wonderful blessings our Heavenly Father has given us to help us through all our trials.

We have a couple in our ward with whom we exchange baby sitting for each month so that both couples can attend the temple once a month. So I also watched 2 little girls without Jeremy (because he was working) Friday night. These 2 little girls are such sweet girls, and I love having them over. But boy what a difference 3 kids make verses 1 in trying to keep an orderly house! I was near tears by the time Jeremy got home from work. I am so glad I don't have to be a single mom!On Saturday, we went over to a couple's house to eat some Chilean food. Both Jeremy and Nathaniel served their missions in Chile. Nathaniel has figured out how to make Chilean empenadas (sp?) He was kind enough to make them for us. Jeremy loved the food. The conversations were all about Chile. Jeremy loved it. It was so neat for me to see Jeremy be so happy talking about his mission.

After our lunch, Jeremy headed to the leadership session of conference, while I cooked dinner. We had Jeremy's parents over for dinner and then they watched Clara while Jeremy and I attended the adult session. Thanks again John and Sharon for coming all this way. I know you got home late, but I was so grateful to be able to attend this session with Jeremy. A lady spoke that reminded me so much of a woman from my homeward. You could tell her life was vastly different than any "normal" person's. I was so proud of her that she got up in front of so many people and spoke about her life. I was deeply touched.

Sunday made me grateful that Sacrament meeting isn't 2 hours long! Our little Clara was great the first hour of conference, but that second hour was awful. I'm not sure anyone around us was able to get anything out of the second half. I had no idea Clara could be so wiggly and so defiant. But I also know that one day I will be grateful I set the precedence of the importance of listening to our leaders.

Sunday night, we got a call from a neighbor that their apartment had flooded. The water heater of the apartment above them had broken and both apartments were completely waterlogged. I had no idea a water heater had that much water in it. We were able to drop Clara off at another neighbor's house and joined several ward members in emptying out the apartments. It made for a very long night. The thing I can't believe is that the downstairs neighbor is scheduled to have a c-section on Wednesday. All her new baby's belongings were soaked through. So I brought home several loads of laundry to be able to give her peace of mind that her baby's things are clean and dry. There is so much damage to their apartment that they have to move out just to have it repaired. I couldn't imagine not having a home for my little newborn. This will be their 3rd child. Needless to say, I was near tears all night just thinking, "What if this were me?" This couple were sealed in the temple less than 2 weeks ago. I know that this will be part of many trials to come because of their righteous choice. I'm confident they will take each trial in stride and just as calmly as they took this one.

Today was also a crazy day in that I had some errands to run, and while I was out, my brother in law called and needed math help, and my friend called and needed me to watch her 2 little girls from noon until 5 today. So I hurried home, helped my brother in law for an hour until the girls came. I then have been very busy taking care of 3 little girls again. One of the girls is only 2 months old. It was so nice to be able to have a baby around. Clara is such a little mommy. She treated this baby just like she did the baby I mentioned in last week's post. It is so cute to watch Clara take such good care of a baby. She is so gentle and wants to make the baby as happy as possible. It melts my heart.So that is why this post comes to you so late in the day.... I've been busy watching so many kids. But even though it's been such a full week, I'm so grateful for all my experiences. It has been a week where I have felt very close to my Heavenly Father. I know He loves all of us. I know we go through trials to make us better people, and He is always there helping us through them all. I am so grateful that Jeremy has a job to provide for us. I am so grateful for a warm bed to sleep in. I am so grateful that I have little Clara when I know so many women who aren't able to have any children. I am so grateful for the guidance and direction that Heavenly Father gives us on a daily basis if we will just take the time to listen.

As a random side note, I've also been so amazed at how long Clara's hair is. I've taken two pictures this week. One is when Clara's hair was wet, so you can see how long it really is. The other one is when it had dried so you can see how short it looks with all her curls.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

My family came into town this last week. They ended up leaving earlier than planned due to an early arrival of a snow storm. However, the one day they were here, we drove up to the Salt Lake Cemetery. I was so glad we chose to go that day because we wouldn't have done it otherwise. I had no idea that so many of my relatives were buried in that cemetery. I've gone so many times, and never bothered to look up my name. However, my little brother just got done with a family history class at BYU-Idaho. So he knew which relatives were buried there. We went during office hours so that they could help us locate the graves. With several maps in hand, we went searching. With all the snow, most of the headstones were buried, so it really was a treasure hunt of sorts trying to scrape the snow off. But we found every one we were looking for, which was quite the task. We even happened to see the head stone of relatives we weren't looking for! It was such a fun day. All together we saw the head stones for 13 relatives, but I won't put all of those on our blog.

So here is a little family history to go along with the pictures that I will share. My father is Daniel Zachreson, his father is Glen Zachreson, his father is Carl Zachreson (who is the last Zachreson to be buried in Salt Lake.) Here is a picture of my mom, sister, brother, and daughter in front of Carl's head stone. Carl's father is Emil Zachreson. And Emil's father is Matthias Zachreson. Matthias was born in Sweden and was one of the Saints that traveled from their homeland to Salt Lake city. Matthias was also the first Zachreson. Matthias's father was Zacharias Anderson, hence the name Zachreson. Before Matthias, the last names kept changing depending on the father's first name.For New Year's, we had a couple over for dinner and games. They have a little boy who is Clara's age and also a 4 month old girl. Clara was very entertained by both little kids. She was such a little mom to baby Shayna. She kept giving Shayna toys and covering her up with blankets. She would also lay down right next to her and talk to her saying things like: "Cute baby. Pretty baby. Hi Baby." She also had a blast with Taylor. The two of them just ran in circles for about 1/2 an hour and were loving that they had someone to run with them. The adults had a ball playing wii, card games, and watching a movie. What a fun way to bring in the new year!

I also have made more hair bows this week. I was looking for a way to use some skinnier ribbon, so I had a friend show me how to make them differently from how I made them before. I tried her way, but it was too difficult for me, so I used her way to make a simpler pattern, and I think it worked out well. The New Year also brought a new calling for me. I am now a Sunbeam teacher. They moved me up with my nursery kids. There were so many of them that they needed to make 2 Sunbeam classes. So they needed 2 new teachers for the new class. I get to be one of those teachers and get to teach 1/2 of my nursery class again this year.