Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Fun

For Family Home Evening this week, we decided to decorate our pumpkin.  We each got a side of the pumpkin and colored it with permanent markers.  (We love that way so much better than carving!)
When we first told Joe that we were going to color a pumpkin, he ran to his crayons, picked an orange one, and then tried to color on the pumpkin with it.  He was so disappointed.  But when he saw that he actually got to use markers (a very rare occasion for him,) he quickly changed his attitude and was happy to get to join in the festivities.
Here are all the people with the faces they drew.
We also got to have my sister and her family stay with us this weekend.  Joe idolizes her 8 year old son.  They spend a lot of time together, and luckily the cousin LOVED having Joe to play with.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Girls Weekend in Park City

My sister, Rachael, asked all of us if we wanted to run with her in the Pink Series 5k.  We all jumped on board and all of my sisters as well as sisters-in-law and Mom participated.  We stayed the night in a town home the night before the race.  It was so fun to be able to spend this time with family, but also support breast cancer! We talked, played games, and even all put a pink hair extension in all of our hair!
 Here we all are before the race began.
At the award's ceremony, they gave all the breast cancer survivors a pink crown and a glittery pink medal that said, "One Tough Girl."  As they were all up on stage, they had each person state who they were and how long they had been cancer free.  I was amazed at how emotional I was.  So proud of my sister for all she's been through this past year, and so glad she's a true survivor!
And here's my cute Clara this morning wanting to wear all pink to school!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Clara's Birthday

Clara was lucky enough to celebrate her birthday all week.  It all started last Sunday when we had Jeremy's family over.  Clara got a new outfit that she wears as often as she can.  She also got some art supplies.
We also let her pick out her own cake from Costco.  She loved the rainbow!
My mom came over on Thursday to bring a gift.  Clara got more art supplies.  Can you tell my girl loves to draw?
Friday night, Jeremy and I took Clara out for a special birthday dinner.  Clara loved being the only kid for a night.Saturday brought General Conference, but we were sure to get up early enough to have Clara open her presents well before Conference started.
She was excited to get a new big girl bike, but isn't so happy it's taking her so long to learn to ride it without training wheels....  I was so busy helping her learn how to ride that I forgot to take any pictures of her bike outside.
While Jeremy headed to the Priesthood Session, I took Clara to go use her gift card that she got from Grandma and Grandpa beck.  She picked out a purse she could color and a stuffed Panda Bear.
Clara loved getting so many birthday days this year.
We love you Clara and are so glad you are in our family!