Monday, January 26, 2015

Civil Rights Day

Since Jeremy got the day off of work and Clara got the day off of school, we decided to take the kids swimming for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Our kids LOVE swimming and were super excited to go.
Clara wanted to celebrate further by getting chocolate ice cream.  I'm not sure how politically correct that is, and I felt a little awkward giving in, but she sure thought it was a great idea and wanted everything we ate that day to be as black as possible.

Joe LOVES rice.  He refuses to use any type of eating utensil to eat it though, which results in a huge sticky rice mess. 
He also gets embarrassed easily.  He was mad at me for taking this picture because he is, "Too too messy!"  That's why it's blurry too, he kept moving so that I wouldn't take the picture.

Joe recently got some gloves that he insists on wearing all the time.  The funny thing though is that he doesn't like to touch stuff while he wears them.  So I often find him with his arms at right angles directly out in front of him like this:
He even insisted on wearing his gloves to church yesterday even though the weather sunny and in the high 40s. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

30 Weeks

I can't believe I'm 30 weeks already.  I'm down to less than 2 months since they won't let me go past my due date.
Here are our family's thoughts about my pregnancy:

Joe: just gets really confused when we talk about the baby in my tummy.  He then talks sternly to my belly and says, "Baby come out!"

Clara: Now that she's warmed up to the idea of having another boy, she is super excited.  She hugs and kisses my tummy almost every day.  She is also very helpful in reminding me about food I can and cannot eat due to my gestational diabetes.  Even when she's pretending to cook for for Jeremy and I, she'll bring Jeremy a plate and tell him she's made him a strawberry cupcake.  She brings me broccoli and chicken soup.  Also, if she does see me eating an occasional piece of chocolate, she says, "Mom, you aren't supposed to eat that!"  I remind her that technically I can eat it as long as I stay under my allotted carbs.

Jeremy: Is just happy that both baby and I continue to be healthy.  He takes such good care of me and won't let me do too much. 

Me: I can't believe I can still fit into my non maternity clothes.  They definitely aren't as comfortable as my maternity clothes, but I can still wear them. 
I also can't believe that I don't look any bigger than the picture I took at 21 weeks (to see pic click here, then scroll to the bottom.) Most people can't even tell I'm pregnant, which is a little frustrating because I definitely feel very pregnant. 
This little guy moves around all the time.  I constantly feel him wiggling, which is both a blessing and a curse.  I'm carrying him very low, so my bladder lets me know it's not happy every time he moves.  But I love not having to stress about a still birth because I usually don't have to wait very long to feel him move if I get too worried.
Even though I'm considered a high risk and have LOTS of appointments to keep track of, I love getting to check up on our little guy so often.  I have so many ultra sound pictures!  I also love how easily Joe will go to a friends house because he knows Mommy has to go to the Drs again!  And despite my high risk pregnancy, everything continuse to go well.  At my last appoinment, my Dr thanked my for being the least complicated complicated pregnancy they have! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

Unfortuneatly, I didn't get a lot of pictures from our New Years Celebrations.  New Years Eve was slightly anticlimatic.  We helped our friend Keri and her family move into her new house on Christmas Eve.  We were able to be home by 10:30, but I couldn't stay awake until midnight... :(  Poor Jeremy rang in the new year by himself.

We had a very fun New Years Day though.  We spent the morning enjoying our time as a family, and then we headed to Pei Wei to celebrate Jeremy's brother's birthday.  We ended our day by playing games with cousins!

On Friday, we met up with a coworker of Jeremy.  He and his family introduced our family to a yummy bistro in Pleasant Grove.  We had fun getting to know the person Jeremy rides the train with everyday!

Sunday was quite the change for us.  We went from having church start at 9 am to getting to attend church at 2:30 pm.  We had all morning to play together.  Clara set up her own bakery complete with her own "menyou."  She was so excited to show us the menu.  She drew it all out by hand and spelled everything phonetically.  I loved looking through it.