Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

We had such a great week. My sister came down to go house hunting. They even found a place on day 2, so they could relax and have fun the rest of the time they were here. We had so much planned though, that we didn't spend a whole lot of time with them. It's a good thing they are moving in a few weeks so we can spend as much time as we want with them!

My birthday week started Thursday night with Jeremy and I going to a work party. They fed us dinner, had a hula hoop contest, a limbo contest, and had entertainment. The Nashville Tribute band played. It was a blast. It was also fun to visit with and get to know the people Jeremy works with and talks about all the time. He works with a lot of great people.

Friday we dropped Clara off at a neighbor's house and we headed out for an evening without kids. We finally got to see Thor, something Jeremy has been wanting to see for a long time. We then got a dinner we could eat in the motel room. It was so nice to just relax and remember how much we like each other. I'm amazed at how life gets in the way of just sitting and talking to each other.

We came home on Saturday and spent a little more time with my sister before we headed to the rodeo. We saw quite a few of Jeremy's relatives at the rodeo too. I had some great birthday surprises while I was there too. I won a $10 gift card to a local grocery store, Jeremy caught a T-Shirt that was thrown into the crowd and he gave it to me, and just being able to watch the rodeo was the best birthday gift ever. I love rodeos and it had been way too long since I'd been to one.The half time show was pretty cool too. All the still shots we got were way too blurry, so here's a video.

Clara loved getting to wave at all the horses after the rodeo. She was so excited to see them up close.

  • While we were at the rodeo, Clara leaned over to me and said, "I want a baby cow." I told her no. "Please Mama, I really want one!"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Grand Reopening

We happened to stop by Wal-Mart at their grand reopening (after doing some remodeling.) They were having some fun free activities outside, but I had forgotten both my camera and my phone. So I didn't get any pictures of Clara bouncing on the blow-up trampoline thing or pictures of her doing a bean bag toss. However, everything else she did got to come home with us. Here are the pictures of her loot:

face painted like a butterflyballoon kitty, cotton candy, and a pot of sunflowers that she got to plant herself!My sister and brother-in-law got great news this week. He FINALLY got a job in his field of study after graduating 2 years ago! And the even better news is that they are moving to Utah! When I moved here 14 years ago, I was the only person in my family to live here. I figured it would be that way for forever. But my brother moved here a year ago and now I have a sister moving her too! I LOVE having family so close!

Clara is growing up way too fast. I walked into the living room and found her like this. She seriously looks more like a lazy teenager rather than a 3 year old.Clara has been saying the nicest things to Jeremy and I. She'll randomly stop playing, come over, and say, "You're the best mom ever." She'll say to Jeremy, "You're my best hero, Daddy." It seriously melts our hearts.
  • Clara hasn't said too many new and funny things this week. I think the funniest one is when we were visiting with Uncle Eric and he told her he would find her the barrel of monkeys. When he found them for her, she said, "Good job, you got them!" It made him laugh.
  • Just after giving Clara a banana this week I heard her say, "Look, a great big smile." I turned around to see this:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Full Week

We had such a fun week. Last Monday we got to go swimming with our neighbors at his parent's house. Clara was extremely scared of the water at first, but by the end she was even swimming without her ring, just her floaties!Then on Tuesday we played all morning at a friends house. They have a very fun backyard and Clara was so sad to leave. But I was able to lure her away by telling her that I would take her to a new park. My friend had told me about it and I'd been wanting to take Clara. Since my friend lives right by it, I thought today would be the day. Clara was so happy as soon as she saw it, she giggled and asked if that was the park we were going to. When I said yes, she screamed, "Yay! I love that park!" She ran all the way there.It was so hot outside that day that we left the park to go to the water park. Clara had so much fun here. They have a lazy river, which Clara was in heaven just floating in. I didn't take my camera, so I got this picture off their website. This was Clara's favorite place to play. Both halves of the pirate ship had water slides. At first she would only go down them on my lap, then she got to where she had to hold my hand, and then she was going down them all by herself. I loved watching her run from one slide to the next. It seriously made my week.Friday we went to the carnival for Summerfest. (Our city's annual celebration.) We started out at the craft section and Clara got to make this visor for free. (She won't wear it anymore though because she thinks she can only wear it on rides.)After we made her visor, we headed over to let her ride some rides. She was so happy to ride the merry-go-round. She was a little scared at first, so I held onto her back. At one point I let go and she realized that she could hold on all by herself. She then told me that I had to get off the ride and wasn't very happy when I told her I couldn't until the ride was over because it wasn't safe to jump off a moving ride.But her favorite ride of all was the boat ride.

Saturday morning we went to a niece and a nephew's soccer games. They were so much fun to watch. After the games, we headed to the Summerfest parade. We were all ready to go when Jeremy had some last minute business to take care of before we could leave. So this is Clara waiting patiently for Daddy to come.Clara met a new friend and danced with her as we waited for the parade to start.Clara's favorite part of the parade were all the princesses (both the ones pictured and all the royalty for the local pageants.)She would wave emphatically at each one as if they were actually waving to her. It was so cute!After the parade came a firework show. Clara loved it and giggled through most of the show. There were quite a few people around us who mentioned that the highlight of the show was listening to Clara ohh and ahh.
  • I helped a friend shorten some pants this week. She changed her clothes in Clara's room and left the pants she wore over in the room while I figured out where to have the new length be. Clara came out of her room and said, "Thanks for the new clothes. I can wear them when I get bigger!"
  • On our way to our friend's house (with the big backyard) I was naming all the people who we would get to play with. I mentioned that they had a baby named Thomas. Clara said, "Thomas is a train, not a baby!"
  • We walked to a park to play this week. Clara was asking if we could go to the new park. I told her no, that we were walking to a different park. Clara was disappointed and said, "I thought you said we were going to the new park." I replied with, "No, I said we were going to a park, not the new park." So now Clara calls our local park the "a park."

Monday, June 6, 2011

Softball Game & Birthday Party

I wasn't able to get any pictures taken, but my sister came to visit me this week! They were here for only 1 night. Her husband had a job interview in the area. I really hope they get something soon! I think it would be awesome if they lived closer!

We got to attend Ashlyn's softball game this week. We had so much fun watching her play. It was pretty cold, but well worth the time spent.Clara also was invited to a birthday party. This is her friend giving Clara a hug after she opened Clara's gift. While we were at the park, Clara found a new friend. They played pirates together for almost the entire 2 hours we were there. I love that Clara has so much fun playing with both boys and girls.
  • We were out for a walk this last week when Clara said, "I can hear a bird! I can't see it though. There's a mystery outside Momma."
  • Clara announced to me, "Excuse me, my bum burped."
  • Clara informed me that she was growing. "You're right, Clara, you are growing everyday." "But I'm not big enough to go to the temple yet."
  • I was telling Clara that we would get to go play at a friends house at 7 o'clock. Clara response was, "Yay, we get to go to 7!"
  • I was informing Clara that if she didn't come inside then she couldn't eat the toast that she wanted. Clara said, "We don't eat ghosts, silly Mommy!"