Monday, September 22, 2014

Jeremy's Birthday

Jeremy and I celebrated his birthday a little early this year.  We were able to go to Tucanos to eat and he got an early birthday present from me as well.  But I couldn't let his actual birthday go by without letting the kids give him something.  So I took them to the store and they got to pick out Dad's gift.  They were both so excited to give him his birthday present.
They also picked out a bag of Skittles to give him. Clara loves that not only does Dad really like Skittles, but they come in a red bag, which is Dad's favorite color.  So anytime she can pick something to give him, she picks original Skittles!

Jeremy also has amazing coworkers that took him to lunch and gave him a Cinemark gift card.  I'm so thankful for Jeremy's job.  Not only does he really like what he does, but he loves the people he works with!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday morning, we headed to the Living Planet Aquarium.  Thanks to some friends, we ended up only having to pay for Jeremy to get in!
Clara was so  happy to see Bruce from Finding Nemo, but Joe wasn't thrilled.
I was so proud of Clara!  She was scared to cross this rope bridge, but she did it!  Way to go!
The kids' favorite part is always the huge tank at the end.  We spend so much time just watching all the fish swim around.
That night we introduced the kids to some of our favorite Wii games.  Joe now loves to play Mario Cart and watch all the cars race around.  Clara loves to play Mario Galaxy with her dad.  She loves getting to collect all the star bits as the second player, and be able to hold the bad guys while Dad jumps on them!

Monday morning we went to Seven Peaks for the last time this summer.  Clara had gotten so good at swimming, I'm so sad we have to wait until next year to go again.  She  also goes down the slides at the Tadpole pond like a pro!

Monday night we decided to take the kids to see Maleficent.  I had heard other parents bring their daughters to it, so I just assumed it was appropriate for Clara.  Needless to say, we left the theater with Clara crying and making us  promise to never make her watch another scary movie again!

On Tuesday, I got Clara out of school early, drove up to Jeremy's work, picked him up a little early from work, then drove to the Ogden Temple open house.  I was so glad we picked the day we did.  There was hardly anyone there!  We got to go through at our own pace with no waiting!  I loved seeing Clara's reactions to both the Bridal Dressing Room and the Celestial room.  She is so excited to be able to get married in the temple now, just so she can see herself in those beautiful mirrors in the Bridal room.  May she always remember those desires to be sealed there!
So glad we were able to spend the entire weekend with just our little family!

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Day in the Life

The second week of school was pretty normal around here.  Joe misses Clara terribly and asks every day if he can get on the bus with her.  So when she gets home, he does everything she does.
Here are the two of them coloring.  Joe is wanting to see the picture, but he was coloring just as intently as Clara was (until I got the camera out.)
 And here's the finished product.
Roads are getting built across the gulch from our house. Joe loves to watch the big trucks out the window.
Joseph got frustrated that he couldn't ride the bike, so he ended up just pulling it around the sidewalk.
Joe LOVES hats.  He finds Jeremy's stash and will wear them all day long, even if he can barely see.
He loves hats so much that he turns anything he can into a hat.  He wore this for about an hour the other day and was so proud of his hat!
He even makes jokes about hats.  He will put his stuffed animals on his head and laugh hystarically as he says, "Hat, hat!"  He does this with anything he would think would be a silly hat including, his food at dinner, shoes, toys, books, etc.
Lastly, we've been trying to take a lot of walks as a family lately.  We went on a particularly long one this last week, here are our kiddos ready to be home.
Joe kept his arms like this for a good 20 minutes.