Monday, March 2, 2015

My Kids

With less than two weeks until my scheduled c-section, I've been taking things pretty easy, which means I haven't taken any pictures in a long time.  But since I missed posting last week, I didn't want to miss again.  So sorry for the picture-less post!

Clara has become little miss helpful the last few weeks.  I was secretly hoping this child would be a girl so Clara would have to share a room, and perhaps learn to be less selfish.  However, she has blossomed into such a thoughtful person these last few weeks.  I have loved seeing her selfless side come out.  She not only does everything I ask her with a smile, but she also has started to observe and do things I don't even have to ask.  She almost always clears my plate after dinner so that I don't have to.  She is constantly bringing me a pillow so I can rest my head, or a blanket so that I'm not cold.  I love my amazing, beautiful Clara!

Joe has started to say and do the funniest things.  We went to a cousin's basketball game the other night, and anytime either team would miss the basket, he would grunt as if extremely frustrated.  He loves to do everything by himself.  He insists on taking his coat off by himself, opening and closing doors by himself, getting buckled by himself, putting his own shoes on, etc.  Some of those things he can't quite do by himself yet and when he tries and fails, says, "Uhhh!  Can't do it!"
He's started to use the word 'actually' correctly.  Clara was trying to get him to trade toys with her, and he kept saying no.  When she finally stopped bugging him about it he said, "Actually, yes!" Or when I'll ask him what he wants to eat for a snack and he tells me something.  I'll start to get it out and he'll say, "Actually I want ....." and change his mind.  I love it.
He also says "What the heck" all the time.  I'm not sure where he picked that up because no one in our family says that on a regular basis, but it sure is funny to hear such a little guy say that frequently.
He is obsessed with vehicles in general.  Anytime he sees what he thinks is a cool truck out the car window, he'll say, "Mom! See that truck!"  We also have a lot of planes that fly over our house.  If he hears one he stops what he's doing, searches the sky until he sees it, and then stands there and watches it until it flies out of sight.  There is no distracting him from watching it no matter how hard I try to get him to keep walking, or get in the car, etc. 
Joe is still my super shy boy though.  He is such a huge chatterbox at home, but as soon as someone comes over, or we leave the house, it's pretty rare he will even make a sound.  He even knows when we are talking about him and gets obviously embarrassed.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Other Happenings This Week

Joe got a big boy bed this week!  Right now it's just a twin mattress on the floor, but he was super excited to get a bed as big as Clara's!
He's already spent a lot of time jumping on his bed!

Clara decided she wanted a hair cut this week.  She LOVES it and can't stop feeling her hair.  I'm glad she likes it.  For a while, she wanted super long hair, and I was afraid she would be sad that her hair wasn't long anymore.
However, she has found that she can do her hair all by herself now that it's shorter and she really likes that independence. 

I also had a huge milestone this week.  Joseph was born when I was 34 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  I had gone in for a normal appointment and my blood pressure was 180/something.  They sent me straight to the hospital and he was born 4 hours later.  I was 34 weeks at 3 days pregnant on Thursday this week. 
I also had a normal appointment with the same Dr that sent me to the hospital with Joseph.  I was super nervous, and my blood pressure was slightly elevated on Thursday, but I'm still pregnant!  Let's hope that my blood pressure doesn't continue to rise as it did with Joe.  But at this point in Joe's pregnancy I had already experienced elevated blood pressure on several occasions.  Joe was born about 4 weeks after I started having high blood pressure, so even if it takes another 4 weeks for this kid, it will be at the time my c-section is scheduled for anyway.  So now I'm just hoping to make it to my scheduled delivery date, but I'm pretty sure I will!

Joe's Surgery

Joe was born with an ear tag, which is just extra skin that grew by his ear.  Here is my super cute boy just a few days before the surgery.

He didn't want to go to the Dr to have his ear fixed.  We had explained as best we could what was going to happen, but he kept insisting that the Dr fix my ear instead.  I don't really blame him.  He was fairly well behaved until we had to get his wrist band on, his blood pressure checked, and his surgery clothes on.  He squirmed and cried pretty good through each of those and I was so grateful Jeremy took the day off work to help me those tasks!

But when we went to go play with the toys, he was pretty content.
They gave him a doll that he could color on and use to show what would happen to him, like putting a mask over his mouth for the anesthesia, etc.
Since we couldn't go back with him to be with him while he went under, they gave him a relaxant to help with the anxiety of leaving us.  Boy did that work well!  He was my happy little camper after that!
Here's a video of him being out of it.  Just prior to this video, he kept laying down, but then asking to sit back up.  I realized that he wasn't wanting to lay down, his little body just kept doing it, which is why you see me "catching" him in the video.
And this is the wagon they used to carry him into the OR
We were warned that the medicine given him to relax him would also make his cranky as he came out of it.  So he also had a hard time calming down after coming out of the anesthesia.  He kept insisting he wear his shoes.  He wouldn't drink or eat anything, he just wanted his shoes on.  So we got him dressed ASAP, and then he was great once he knew he was leaving.  They let him pick out a prize and he chose a teddy bear.  Here he is, finally happy in the car with his bear, juice, and graham cracker.
And finally, here is an after picture of his ear.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Picnic at the Park

With the weather being unusually warm for winter, Clara has been begging me to have a picnic at the park.  So this last Saturday, I made it happen.  The kids only ate a few bites before they headed off to play.  I guess it had been way too long since we'd been outside and they just couldn't sit and eat in the nice weather.

Jeremy is the best dad and I'm so glad he came with us.  He had both kids laughing and having a good time.  He even joined them on the swings for a while.