Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lots of Fun

We've had quite the full week.  When I went to buy Clara a shirt, she decided she didn't want one, but that she would rather buy one for her best friend Adilyn so that they could match.  We ended up taking the girls to McDonalds that night in their matching shirts. 
The next day, Clara's preschool went to Jump Around the Town in Orem.  Clara sat on my lap for most of the time, but she FINALLY warmed up for the last 30 minutes.
Also this week, our wonderful friends, Rachel and Scott got married!  We attended their wedding "reception" Friday night.  They had so many fun things to do.  Clara's favorite was the dress ups.  She even got Jeremy and I to dress up with her. 
I didn't get any pics of the bride and groom because I was expecting to get LOTS on Saturday at the temple.  But Clara woke us up very early Sat morning with the sounds of vomit.  So even though we were still able to attend the sealing, we couldn't stick around for pictures.  So here is the only picture I got of the bride that whole weekend:
Our anniversary was also on Saturday.  Jeremy and I were so happy to celebrate our wedding anniversary by attending a live sealing for some close friends!  Congrats again Rachel and Scott!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dress Ups

Usually Clara will only dress up in her Cinderella dress.  But this week she branched out and became a ballerina and a bride!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Day

On Saturday, our family spent the entire day together.  We started the day by driving to the Jordan River Temple, which is the temple where Jeremy and I were married.  I loved getting to share with Clara the wonderful memories I have of that temple.  We showed her where Jeremy proposed, where we took some of the wedding photos that she LOVES to look at, and we even took her in to the waiting room so that she could go inside the temple.  It was truly a fun day.
Then, on Sunday, we were able to celebrate my two nephew's birthdays.  Hyrum wanted a Spiderman cake and Jed wanted a pinata.  My sister did an amazing job on the cake and the kids had a blast with the pinata!
Clara loves her cousins.  She often calls them her "brothers," Caden, Bradley, and Hyrum.  Today Clara surprised me and wanted to draw her name and her cousin Jed's name on a balloon and then she drew pictures of both of them.  I'm so glad that Clara loves getting to play with her cousins (even if they are mostly boys) as much as she can.
My sweet Clara just being silly.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun Filled Week

We started this week by getting Clara a new bike.  She LOVES it and actually does really well riding it around our neighborhood.
We also celebrated Eric's birthday with an adult only dinner.  We tried to go to The Cheesecake Factory, but they don't take reservations.  So we showed up at 4:30 on a Monday thinking we wouldn't have to wait too long.  We were wrong.  They couldn't seat us until 8 pm.  So we walked to a near by Olive Garden, still weren't happy with the wait time, so we walked to Red Rock and got seated right way!
Clara also had a field trip to a fire station this week.  I got to dress up in a fireman's suit, which was really heavy!  Then all the boys got black fireman hats, and the girls got pink ones.
We ended our week by getting to attend Cameron's ordination, and birthday party.  It's always so amazing to me to see such young boys (and girls) be making such huge decisions in their life. I'm so proud of Cameron (and all my nieces and nephews) for continuing to make good choices with how they want their lives to turn out.
  • We went for a family walk and Clara was very disappointed when she realized we weren't walking to a friend's house.  2 teenage girls were walking towards us about then and Clara asked me if we could go to their house.  I told her, "No, because we don't know them."  "Well, we just have to ask them their names then."

Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Zoo Day

The Hogle Zoo has free admittance the last Wednesday of the month for the 4 winter months.  So my sister and I took our kids to the zoo this week.
I especially loved how even the oldest kids crashed on the way home.
  • Also this week, Clara was trying to move our count down to Christmas thing, which was hanging on a stocking holder.  She accidentally pulled the stocking holder down off the shelf and it hit her right in the eye. After her injury she said, "That's dangerous!"