Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Today is the first Memorial Day since I've been married that I didn't spend the whole morning at cemeteries. Instead, we spend the day driving!

Jeremy and I headed to Rexburg this last weekend to see my little sister graduate from High School. I can't believe that Mom is now an empty-nester.The day before we were to leave though, our car started making a clicking noise. So we headed into the repair shop to see if we could make the trip. Turns out that the mechanic thinks that it's the clutch. He suggested that we NOT drive to Rexburg in our Honda. If it really is the clutch, then the clicking noise we are hearing is also putting stress on the transmission. If we drive for that long at that high of speeds with the wobbling clutch could ruin our transmission. So as we planned to take our '87 Volvo (which might not have made it there either,) some good friends of ours were informed of our dilemma. They quickly called and offered us their extra car to use for the weekend! I was stunned and grateful!

Clara had so much fun hanging out with her 4 year old cousin who took such good care of her. Clara was very scared to go across this black bridge at the play ground. So I took her hand the first time across. As Clara went to cross it again, Jed made sure to walk across with her so that she wouldn't be scared. Sooooo cute!Clara also got to meet her cousin, Kaycee. Clara LOVED getting to hold her. Clara asked to hold the baby any chance she got and was so good with her. She didn't want Kaycee to cry and would give her lots of hugs to make her feel better.Here is a picture of Clara with all her cousins eating some ice cream.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy May

Jeremy and I woke up early this morning to head to the temple. I heard it "raining" and looked out side to see how hard it was coming down. I was shocked to find this: I can't believe it's the end of May, and we had to scrape our car off! It probably snowed close to 2 inches here today. By the time we got home from the temple, this poor tree's branches were almost touching the ground because of all the weight of the snow. Last Monday, for FHE, we found a coupon for Chuck E Cheese tokens. Clara LOVED it the last time we went, so we thought she would have fun. We were right! Her favorite thing there was putting coins in. We tried to get her to have fun herself, which she did to begin with. But then after a while, she just wanted to put coins in EVERYTHING and watch Mom and Dad play. We did get her hooked on throwing "little balls." But that only lasted for a little while and then she was on to other things. The only other thing that she did over and over again though was ride this trolley. It made us laugh how much she enjoyed it. (Sorry about the quality of this video. It looks so much better on our computer, but when blogger uploaded it, it lost something.

She also loved this spider game until we put coins in. She got really scared and ran off the spider. But as long as it was just blinking, she would "dance" away on that thing.Jeremy ended up with 4 different job interviews this week! So at least the job hunting is still productive even though we haven't been able to land a job yet. One of the companies he interviewed with have 3 openings. So that means we have a better chance of getting at least one of the jobs right?

I also watched Addi and her little sister this week. We miss seeing Addi every day! When Clara saw Brooklyn, Clara wanted to hold her. She was so excited when I put Brooklyn on her lap. Brooklyn even pulled her hair (which happened in the middle of this picture) and Clara didn't cry or seem bothered at all. Then Addi wanted a turn holding her little sister. Truthfully I think it was more because we got the camera out and she wanted her picture taken! :)I made Clara a hat this week. I decided to try out the embroidery aspect of my sewing machine and embroidered Minne on the hat too. The hat is a little big for Clara, but she loves it! We were playing outside the next day and it was pretty windy. After having the wind blow her hat off a few times, she just carried it around with her. When I asked her if she wanted me to hold her hat for her, she said, "No, Clara carry it!"

We also headed to the dollar store this week where Clara found a pair of sunglasses that she loved. I decided to spend the buck and get her them. I wished I had gotten her sunglasses several times last year, so I figured it couldn't hurt. Here she is sporting her crooked Minnie hat and new sunglasses!Also this week, our Relief Society Presidency dropped flowers off at every sister's house in our ward. I thought they were beautiful and it definitely made my day. Some more Clara stories:

I took Clara outside to play for a little bit. Our apartment was hot and so I wanted to get out to cool off. I love watching Clara play. She says things to me that I say to her. For example, when we are walking to church and Clara stops to smell the flowers, if she smells them for too long, I'll say, "Keep moving." So tonight, I was following Clara around as she played on her scooter. If I would get too far behind her, she would say, "Keep moving." It made me laugh.

While I was playing outside with Clara, she was riding a scooter and said, "Go right." She then went to the right. When she had almost run off the sidewalk, she said, "Go the other way." I was impressed that she knows her right and her left (even if left is 'the other way'.) I have no idea where she picked that up from. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but when she was taking a bath that night, I overheard her tell Jeremy "Go to the right." She was coloring in the tub and when she said that, she drew a line going to the right. So I guess she really does know her right and her left!

Cara and I went for a walk on an overcast day this week. She told me about the white clouds that she saw in the sky and even pointed out some dark ones that "block the sun." I can't believe she knows so much!

Something that Clara says a lot that I keep forgetting to record is "Clara got it, Mommy lost it." If I have her blanket and she takes it from me, she'll say that. Anytime she takes something from me, she says that. It makes me laugh!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Dress

Clara has recieved another new dress. This time, my friend Aubrey made it for her. Aubs had been taking sewing lessons from me and this is one of the projects we've been working on. It turned out GREAT for her first dress! Thanks Aubs.Jeremy FINALLY heard from the Idaho job this week. They kept putting us off and putting us off, but we did get an email on Thursday informing him that he didn't get the job. So we are now back to square one. He does have 2 job interviews this week and is really excited about one of those. So we're crossing our fingers....

Also this weekend, we had 2 way fun BBQ's. I even brought my camera, but failed to take any pictures at either event. Both were on Saturday. We headed to my friend Sushi's house for lunch. She is an old roommate of Aubrey's and mine. So the 3 of us had our families there and it was fun to see our kids playing and talk about old times. It's a good thing our husbands get a long so well too otherwise I would have felt bad for them.

We then headed to a BBQ with some friends of Jeremy's from high school. It's fascinating to me how many friends he keeps in contact with. I don't see myself going to a BBQ with high school friends EVER. But I'm glad that Jeremy enjoys his old friends so much. Clara had a blast there too. There were tons of kids and back yard playground sets. She had a hard time eating with all the fun distractions around her.

Clara put her blanket around her head and said, "Clara like Jesus." I know, if she wasn't 2, it would be borderline blasphemous. But it made me laugh anyway.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Babies

My sister had a baby girl last Sunday, and since she lives in Oregon, I haven't been able to see little Kaycee yet. But here are a few pictures that my Mom sent me. I love how elated her oldest brother looks!My sister in law had a baby girl yesterday. We got to go see little Britta yesterday. Clara was so interested in the little Britta. She climbed right up next to her Dad to get a better view. She was even more excited when we offered to let her hold her. She actually held her for quite a long time considering what the attention span of a 2 year old is. When she noticed that Britta was sleeping, she kept telling us all to be quiet. It melted my heart to see my little Clara being so gentle and loving.We also celebrated Jeremy's Mom's birthday yesterday (as well as Mother's Day.) One of the projects that I mentioned a few weeks ago was a bag that I had made for Sharon. So now that she has seen her gift, I have to post pictures of the bag. I was so impressed with how it turned out. I had made smaller bags before, but I wanted Sharon's bag to be a little bit bigger and have a few extras on it. So I basically made up my own pattern (based off the smaller one though) and I think it turned out great.I splurged and bought Clara a nice swimming suit a few weeks ago. I LOVE the swimming suits that are basically T-Shirts and Shorts. I waited and waited for them to go on sale last year so that I could get Clara one then. But apparently those kind never go on sale. So this year I bought the swimming suit a size bigger in hopes that Clara can wear it next year too. Anyway, the second time she was able to wear it this year I got my camera out to take pictures. As you can see from this picture, Clara LOVES playing in the water. We have such great neighbors to always come knock on our door when they have their swimming pool set up.No new news yet as far as Jeremy's job goes. We heard from the Idaho company on Thursday as promised, but they informed us that it would be Tuesday before we found out. So Jeremy is still constantly applying and has an interview lined up for Tuesday as well. We sure would like to have a job soon!

We were driving home yesterday after visiting Britta. Clara loves to watch the stop lights and when it turns green, she says "Green means go." She wanted me to repeat it, so I did. She then asked Dad to say it. After he did, she said, "Good job Dad." She wanted him to say it again, so he did again. This time she said, "Not fast, slow." So Jeremy said it as slow as he could. Once again, she said, "Good job Dad." She kept giving him different adjectives to say "Green means go." She had him do it loud and soft, fast and slow, etc. After each one, she very proudly said, "Good job Dad."

Clara is also obsessed with Happy and Sad as well as smiles and frown. She always wants me to draw a happy face and a sad face when she is drawing. She LOVES the song "If You Chance to Meet a Frown." But the funniest part about her obsession is when she puts her hands on my cheeks. She then pushes my cheeks up and says, "Happy." (She says it with a smile on her face and in a very happy voice.) She then pulls my cheeks down and says, "Sad." (She says that with a frown on her face and in the most sad voice she can muster at the time.) She then does it over and over again faster and faster. It is one of her most favorite games and it makes me laugh every time she's done it.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Even though Jeremy officially graduated from UVU in December, he walked this last weekend, which makes it feel official. We got up VERY early Friday morning to make it to UVU by 7:15 am. Since he graduated in the School of Arts, we had a very entertaining graduation. The UVU choir sang, the UVU jazz band played, there was a scene put on by the Theater Department, and we watched a video of UVU's dance companies. So the convocation lasted almost 1.5 hours, but by the time we met up with Jeremy and took pictures and things, we didn't leave until 10 am. But he made it!Thanks to everyone who came. Jeremy began to feel like no one was coming, so he was grateful to see so many there supporting him. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Byron or Emily. But they were the only 2 missed in all the pictures. Jeremy left right after graduation to a job interview in Jerome, ID. We've already heard that he is in the top 3 for that job. We'll find out for sure on Thursday if he got it or not.

Usually when I tell Clara that I love her, she responds with, "Love you too, Mommy." This week, she was playing with a My Little Pony when I told her that I loved her. She said, "Love you too, horse." When she said the word horse, she started laughing. She LOVES to tease and has found a new way to tease me.