Monday, April 26, 2010

One More Week

We found out that Jeremy didn't get one of his hopeful jobs this week. It's always so hard to be let down. But we are still getting job interviews, so we are focusing on that. One of them has to work out right?

I had a big sewing week this week. Unfortunately, I can't post any of my projects because they are all birthday gifts. But when the time passes, I'll post the pictures. They all turned out so good too. Also this week, I was able to spend only $8.00 and I got 2 patterns and enough material to make myself 2 pairs of shorts for the summer. I saved $40.00! Even Jeremy was impressed and has been telling people about it. He sure does make me laugh.

Clara's hair has been growing in so much lately. I can now put it in a single pony tail. It even curls on its own. I love getting to do her hair every morning.Clara got car sick this week. After she got done emptying the contents of her stomach, she said, "Clara spit it out of mouth!" She talked about it for hours afterwards. I'm not sure if she was impressed with how much she spit out, or if she thought it was completely awful. For whatever reason, she kept mentioning the incident the whole rest of the day. (Sorry if that story was too gross. I just like how she thinks of things to say. Since she doesn't know the word for vomit, that was the best way she could describe it.

Also, she has an aunt with braces. When Clara was looking at them she said, "Necklace on teeth."

Clara has also been watching the first Land Before Time movie. If you are familiar with that movie, you will appreciate that Clara asked Jeremy, "What are you doing? Huh? Huh?" She also shakes her head while looking down and says in the saddest voice she can, "Poor, poor Petrie."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Project

Jeremy had 3 job interviews this last week. We are still feeling blessed that he gets so many job interviews when most people we know who are out of work are getting about 1 interview a month. But of course we would feel even more blessed if he were to be offered a job.

The good thing about Jeremy being home so much is watching Clara's relationship with him grow. Daddy is so great right now in her eyes. She snuggles with him all the time and I LOVE it. She even gets him to dance with her, which melts my heart. If you know Jeremy at all, you would know he is NOT a dancer. I can't even get him to dance with me. But since he'll do anything for his little girl, he dances with her whenever she asks him to. I love it.So here's a small confession. I'm addicted to sewing. I live less than a block from a fabric store. Whenever I see their big 1/2 off sale sign out front, I go for a walk. I usually spend more than I tell myself I'm going to. But when patterns are only $0.99, I can't pass it up. Or when denim was only $1.50/yd, I got 8 yards. Anyway, I'm always looking for good deals. I especially love making Clara dresses. I think it's because she is starting to really love getting dressed up and "twirling." So this week, I used some material that I've had for a while and made Clara another dress. I have a friend who is wanting to learn how to sew, so she is in the process of using other material I had to make Clara a dress. I have enough material to make Clara 4 more dresses, but I think I'll wait until she's in the next size before I make those. These pictures show both the dress I made this week and Clara's obvious approval.More Clara stories:

Yesterday, Clara and I were walking home from church. I had dropped some cards on the sidewalk and said, "Oh no." Clara said, "Don't worry Mom, I get it." She then picked up my cards for me. I was so proud of her for being so willing to help. I also laughed when she said, "Don't worry." Boy do I love that little girl of mine.

Clara was playing outside with a girl named Christine, who is just a month older than Clara. At one point, Christine pushed Clara with both hands on Clara's chest. It was hard enough that Clara lost her balance and fell down, but not hard enough to hurt Clara. Clara got up and said, "No tickles Christine." It made me laugh that she thought Christine was trying to tickle her instead of being mean to hear. It also made me wonder if we tickle Clara too hard.

Clara talks all the time now and she tries so hard to talk correctly, but it just doesn't come out grammatically correct. However, I'm so impressed with her ability to put words together, that I don't seem to mind the bad grammar. Tonight she was running towards me and said, "I be hurry, Mom!"

One night this week, right before bed, I made the comment so that Clara could hear me: "When this is over (meaning a TV show) it's time to clean up the toys." She turned to me and said, "Clean up toys, what?" She said it exactly like Jeremy does. It made me laugh so hard that I couldn't get mad at her. I simply said my statement again and she happily cleaned up her toys when it was time.

Clara has learned to say "ooooo" when something is cool to her. The funny thing though is that anything is cool to her right now. So she'll say "ooooo a leaf, Mom!" The other day Jeremy brought home a brown paper sack and Clara said, "Ooooooo, a bag!" I'm so glad that she thinks the simplest things are so neat.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 now works in Internet Explorer!

I'm pretty sure I've fixed all of the problems my website was having. So, any of you who were having troubles clicking on the images on could you please double check if it's working for you now. Thanks so much for your time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Matt's Graduation

My little brother graduated from BYU-Idaho this last week. We had the wonderful opportunity to surprise him by coming last minute. We not only got to witness this once in a life time event, but we also got to meet his soon to be fiancee, Kamee! It was a quick, but great trip! We are so proud of you Matt and can't wait until you attend grad school in our neck of the woods!

Here is my little brother and me. (Sorry he's not looking at the camera, there were 3 cameras all taking pictures at the same time, so it was hard to know where to look.)Here is Kamee and Matt
Here is a short video clip of his name being called and him walking across the stage. This is for the family who couldn't be there!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I forgot to mention Jeremy's website in my blog yesterday. Jeremy got a website up and going this last week. He designed it and put all his portfolio pieces on it. I also want to give a big thanks to Aaron for helping him get it working on the web!

I'm so proud of Jeremy and I know I'm biased, but I think that he's got some great things on there.

We've been getting some complaints about it not working right. So if you wouldn't mind doing us a quick favor, go to: and check out his work. Be sure to click on each image to see if they work. It should bring up a separate window for a larger version of the image. Will you leave a comment stating whether or not it worked and which internet browser you were using when you checked it out.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We received another rejection this week. Jeremy had made it to the top 5 of a great company and we found out that he didn't get the job. We were very disappointed, but Jeremy continues to get job interviews and things.

We had a great Easter weekend. We got to spend it watching General Conference. I love getting to spend 2 days listening to the leaders of our church. It's an inspiring weekend and always leaves me striving to be a better person. What better way to celebrate the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior than listening to His prophet and recommitting to being a better disciple of Him.

The Easter Bunny comes on Saturday at our house. We all went out for a walk in between the two Saturday sessions of conference and the Easter Bunny came while we were gone. Clara was pretty clueless about the Easter Bunny, but she knew that all those eggs were filled with candy!

Clara downed the candy pretty quickly. She only liked the "fruit snack" kind (gummy bunnies) and wouldn't have anything to do with the jelly beans or malt eggs. So after the gummy bunnies were gone, she spent the rest of the weekend playing with her empty eggs. This girl definitely takes after her mother. Look at how she organized her eggs:On Sunday, we went to Jeremy's parent's house for some family festivities. One of the several things we did was participate in the family Easter Basket treasure hunt. Again, Clara was pretty clueless as to why all her cousins were running from one place to the next, but she sure loved chasing them all around. She tripped and fell during the hunt and smacked her face on the sidewalk. But she sure loved eating her spoils despite the scraped up face!More funny things from Clara:
I needed to go to a nearby store this week. So I decided to walk since it was such a nice day. On the way to the store, Clara started to wander away from me, so I asked her where she was going. Her reply: "To the store, remember?" Oh she makes me laugh!

Clara was pretending to fish as we drove to Salt Lake. Clara was mentioning all the things that she caught: a wheel, another wheel, and a prince. Boy would I love to fish is that pond!