Monday, June 28, 2010

Bubble Cages

This week, our neighbors looked up how to make massive amounts of bubbles and how to make them strong enough to use with a hula hoop. The neighbor kids had so much fun playing in them. The crazy thing is that I was so awed by it that I took tons of pictures. They started out having the different kids be in the middle of the bubble. So here is a picture of what it looks like using the hula hoop.I couldn't ever get a good shot of the great bubble and the hula hoop, so here are some that I could get, just imagine the hula hoop at the other end.Clara really wasn't too sure about this whole bubble thing, so I didn't get a great picture of her just because she was ready to get off after the first try. So here she is trying to hold the bubble away from her, but if you look close, you can see the bubble!You could also blow a bubble using string and the windAnd you could just use your hands too. Amazing!

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a great day, and enough people wanted to take me out to eat that my birthday ended up lasting for 3 days!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Salt Lake City Real

Sorry I didn't write last week, I feel like there wasn't a whole lot going on. We did take family pictures last week. We were at the park for 2 hours getting pictures done. Jeremy's siblings and their families were all there to get a huge family picture. We also got individual family pictures. Poor Clara didn't want her picture taken at all, so we fought with her the whole 2 hours to come join us in the picture. It was crazy. But we were able to get a decent one despite her unwillingness to cooperate.Our city had it's Summer Fest last week. We were able to see the fireworks right from our apartment. Clara happened to still be up and was so excited to watch the fireworks - at first. She started to get scared and would run inside and look out the window instead. She would then slowly come back out and then run back in again. But Jeremy was able to get some nice pictures of them on our camera. I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.This week, our good friends Jim and Kristy invited us to attend a Real soccer game. Real is the name of Salt Lake's professional soccer team. Clara loved getting to go watch a "soccer ball game." She refused to call it a soccer game. Apparently, in her mind at least, the ball is the most important part of the game. She did watch the game quite intently. As you can see from the pictures, she wouldn't even stop watching the game long enough to look at the camera.Jeremy is still getting interviews, but still no job. I feel like a broken record each week.... I keep thinking that it won't be long now until something comes through, but it's still not soon enough for us. :)

When did my little Clara get so big? I decided to try out this new hair style on her the other day. When I finished, I realized that it made her look like a grown up girl, and not my Clara.Clara is going through the stage where you can't call her something. For example, the other day I told Clara that she was smart. Her reply, "I not smart, I Clara." She'll do that with any compliment we give her. It still makes me laugh every time.

Monday, June 7, 2010


For Jeremy's and my date this week, we headed up to Temple Square. They have a very impressive new display in the South visitor center. They have an exact replica of the Salt Lake Temple. The impressive thing is that the model makers only had pictures to go off of. They never went inside the temple! Since I've been inside the temple, it was neat to see how everything is laid out. I loved getting to see what the room where the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve meet once a week. I also like how visitors can click on different pictures of rooms and then watch a short video of what that particular room is used for. It really was great and I highly recommend all those that can - go see it!

Sorry that these pictures of it aren't the best. It's behind glass, so there ended up being lots of glares....Jeremy had 4 more job interviews this last week, and even made it into the top few of 2 companies, but didn't get either job. But we still have some great leads and things, so we're crossing our fingers!

Clara loves reading the scriptures. We read them every night as a family and she gets her turn to flip through the pages and "point" to the words she's reading just like Mom and Dad do. Clara also LOVES getting her picture taken. She'll often ask for her picture to be taken. So here is my favorite from her last photo session.