Monday, October 29, 2012

Hodge Podge

We had quite a few things going on this week that are fairly random to put in one blog post, but oh well.

I realized that I had yet to take a picture of Joseph in a bathtub.  So I made sure to get some.  I have a fear that one child will feel jipped because I have way more pictures of they other one.  So I'm trying really hard to make sure that doesn't happen!
Jeremy's work had a Halloween Party this week.  We took our little spider and ballerina so they could go trick or treating at all the cubicles.
And last, but not least, Joseph and his cousin who is only 6 weeks older were once again together.  This time I made a point to get a good picture of the two of them together.  Thanks Genevieve for being so willing to pose for so many pictures for me!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Decorations

For Family Home Evening this week, we decided to decorate our house for Halloween.  We got out our decorations from last year along with a witch we had bought at the dollar store.
In past years, we've just colored our pumpkin.  It doesn't rot as easily and Clara could participate a lot more.  But this year we gave Clara the option and she chose carving.  So Jeremy and Clara drew the face on, Jeremy did all the carving, and Clara and I got to gut the pumpkin.
And here's some shots of my very cute kids.
I love how much Joseph is starting to smile.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lingering Birthday

Clara couldn't wait to spend her birthday money, so I took her to the store first thing Monday morning.  She couldn't wait to pick out a new Lalaloopsy.  Also on Monday, our neighbors (who just got back from Disneyland) brought Clara a birthday present.  Here is proud little Clara with her Cinderella and Toasty.
We held a family birthday party for Clara this week.  I asked her what her favorite games to play were and she said tag.  So we started the evening by playing tag outside with all of her cousins.  Clara's idea of tag is to just run around all the time.  It was sure funny to watch her play with more experienced tag players, but she had a blast and didn't know any different.

Another favorite thing of Clara's to do is to draw.  So we decided to play pictionary that night as well.  I was impressed with every one's drawing skills.
Next came opening presents.  Unfortunately, Clara is a very picky eater - even when it comes to treats.  So when Clara got a package of starbursts, she quickly said, "I don't like those!"  The present that followed were some very cute pants, but were too big.  Clara then said, "Too big and tossed them aside."  I felt bad for that person who gave her both of those because Clara loved all her other gifts.  (She is usually a really good gift receiver.)  But to make Aunt Melissa feel better, Clara has been begging me ever since to fix those pants so that she can wear them.
Joseph discovered toys this week.  This has been a huge blessing because before his discovery, he wanted to be held the entire time he was awake.  Now he will happily play with his toys for a good 15 - 20 minutes at a time.  He smiles and coos at his toys more than he does at me, but at least I have some more time to get cleaning and things done.
Joseph is 6 1/2 weeks younger than a cousin of his from Jeremy's side of the family and 7 1/2 weeks younger than a cousin from my side of the family.  Joseph got to be with each of his cousins this weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn't think about getting a picture of Joseph and Spencer, but here are some individual pictures of them from the same  night.
And here's Joseph and Emmett taken the next night.
I'm so excited for Joe to have such great friends in his cousins when they get old enough to play together.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Clara

We got to celebrate Clara's 5th birthday while we were in Montana. Her birthday was the same day as my Grandad's funeral, so she had LOTS of guests at her party. 

Clara woke up that morning singing (over and over again,) "It's my birthday.  Happy birthday to me!"

Clara is a kid who loves presents.  It doesn't matter what you get her, she will be excited to receive it.  I took about 20 pictures at her party, but they were mostly all blurry.  She was so excited about her things that she refused to hold still long enough for me to take a picture.
Clara doesn't like cake, so we stuck candles in some chocolate ice cream for her to blow out.
I'm so proud of Clara for not minding having to wait until late at night to open her gifts.  I love you Clara!  Hope you had a wonderful day turning 5!

Long Two Weeks

My mom called me last Thursday letting me know that my grandfather was in the hospital with pneumonia.  By Thursday evening my mom called back and let me know it most likely wouldn't be very long before he passed.  She asked me if I would drive to Libby, MT with her in hopes to be able to say good-bye and be with my grandmother.  So bright and early Friday morning, Mom, me, Clara, Joe, Hyrum, and Kaycee started our 13 hour drive.  We brought Clara's cousins with us to give some room in cars for Jeremy to travel up with others in case of a funeral. 

We went straight to the hospital and arrived around 7:15 pm.  We had the kids say hello to Maga (my grandmother) and good-bye to Grandad if they wanted.  I then took the kids to the house so Mom could stay with Maga.  Grandad passed before I could get all the kids in the car at 7:38 pm.

We had his funeral on Thursday, October 4th.  Grandad's obituary can be found here.  I was glad to know he doesn't have to suffer anymore since the last few years of his life have been hard on him.  I was obviously a little teary eyed at the funeral and Clara asked if I was a little sad.  When I told her yes, She responded by saying: "That's OK.  He'll come back again."  (We believe that everyone will be resurrected one day.)

This is my beautiful grandmother with my brother and sister.
 And here is my uncle with his beautiful family.
I'm so glad that so many were able to come to the funeral. All of my siblings were there, although not all the spouses could make it.  Also, all but 3 of Grandad's grandchildren were there as well.  (He has 12.)  He also had 10 of his 18 great-grandchildren there.
Grandad's grave is 2 plots away from my father's plot.  My father's headstone got pretty dirty as they were digging a spot for my Grandad.  All of a sudden I noticed that most of my nieces and nephews were huddled around a spot on the ground.  When I went over to see what they were doing, I saw them all cleaning my dad's headstone.  What great kids!
Even though it was a long trip, I'm so glad I was able to make it.

We also had a lot of fun up in Montana.  Clara and her cousins played outside all the time.
She loved getting so spend so much time with them.   They got to feed apples to deer, and get to spend some quality time with their great-grandmother.