Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny comes on Saturday at our house. He came when we were all sleeping this year because of how crazy our Saturday was. It was so much fun to see Clara so excited when she woke up and we told her the Easter Bunny had come to our house. She ran around so fast we didn't get very many good pictures.After Jeremy left to go to work, Clara and I had some time to kill before we needed to leave. She decided to take her Easter candy and make it "snow" all over our carpet. Clara and I were able to meet up with some friends at a local grocery store that was having an Easter celebration on Sat. The Easter Bunny was there and Clara was so excited to get to meet him. When we finally met up again as a family, we headed to Kohls to spend some Khols cash that had been given to us and that expired that day. Jeremy found this hat and tried it on. Clara then really wanted to wear it and even asked if we could buy it. We bought her some play-doh instead. She played with it for hours. She had us help her write her name and then she wanted us to make a Clara. If you notice, the play-doh Clara has a flower in her hair just like the real Clara.On Easter Sunday, we headed to Jeremy's parents' house for dinner and the annual Easter Egg Treasure Hunt. Clara had so much fun running after the other kids. She really didn't care they beat her to all the clues. It was a happy day.
  • Sunday morning before church, I told Clara the Easter story and explained to her that was the reason we celebrated Easter. I showed her pictures of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, on the Cross, and then resurrected. We then talked about what resurrected means, and explained that even though the Easter Bunny is fun, we should think about our Savior during Easter. She listened quite well (better than I thought she would anyway) and when I was done, she said, "That was a great story. Thanks Mommy!"
  • Conversation with Clara: Me: "You are a cutie pie." Clara: "I'm not a pie!" "You aren't? Well then what are you?" "I'm a crazy kid."
  • Clara LOVES Tinkerbell. One day, Clara came up to me with a very worried look on her face and she was flapping her elbow frantically. When I asked her what was wrong, she said, "I can't hear something, because I don't have a bell in my body like Tinkerbell does. I want to have a bell in my body!"
  • Clara and Jeremy have some very funny conversations. Clara mentioned to him that she was hungry or something and Jeremy said, "You can eat a computer." Clara: "No, try again." "You can eat garbage." "Keep trying." "A phone?" "Try again." "Fruit sacks?" "You got it!"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Carl Bloch

Our camera still isn't back from the shop yet. We've been using our cell phones to take pictures, but that just isn't the same. Jeremy has the best pictures on his phone, but I always forget to get them off before he leaves for work..... Thus I have to do a pictureless post today. If you REALLY want to see recent pictures I've taken, see my picture blog.

We were able to go see the Carl Bloch exhibit on BYU campus of FHE this week. I was amazed at how many stories Clara actually knew of the Savior and could tell me the story behind a lot of the paintings we saw. Some the the greatest things (other than the paintings themselves) was seeing where his paintings are hung. Most of his paintings of Christ were done for kings and so they hang in castles. If you haven't had a chance to see this exhibit, go see it! It ends May 7, so there's not a whole lot of time left. There are also ipads to rent (or you can bring your own) which allows you to hear more of the history and things of the paintings. We didn't get those, but I almost wished we had. The line was just too long.... You do need a ticket to get in - unless you want to wait in a long standby line. However, those tickets are free. For more information, go here.

Clara didn't have preschool this week since it was spring break. That also means I didn't have nearly the amount of tutoring appointments that I usually do. We were able to get outside a lot more. Clara's favorite thing to do is draw pictures with sidewalk chalk. She'll spend hours coloring up our sidewalks. I think there's hardly any space left out there. She also loves to have me play tic-tac-toe with her. I guess Curious George played it and she's been wanting to play it ever since. I'm amazed at how good she is drawing the playing board and her x's and o's. We're still working on the logistics of the game, but she's actually catching more than I thought she would.

Jeremy was told this week that most likely he'll be hired on for another year. A year is better than 6 months! But nothing is official yet, so we'll just have to wait and see. We just might be at another job in a month. I can't believe how quickly these last 6 months have gone. Jeremy loves this job and is so happy there. We really hope things work out for him to work there longer.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bean Museum - Again

Clara's preschool went on a field trip to the Bean Museum. When I told Clara we got to go, she was very excited. She kept talking about how she wanted to see the shells again. However, we picked the wrong day to do. There were multiple field trips that day and the place was packed. I had brought a friend's kid with me since she has just had a baby. And that kid likes to venture out on his own. I was pretty stressed the whole time we were there, afraid I was going to lose her kid. But with the help of all the other moms, we never lost him for very long!Right after this butterfly picture was taken, my camera fell and now it puts horizontal lines in the background of all our pictures. I was so sad. We did some calling and it won't be too expensive to fix, so our camera is in NY right now (or at least en route) and will be gone for about 2 weeks. Which means for the next 2 weeks, all the pictures I take will be with my phone. They aren't the best quality, but I'm grateful I have something!After the Bean Museum, I decided to take Clara to the dinosaur museum. It's close by the animal museum and Clara was sick the day everyone else went. Most of the pictures I took here had horrible lines. But this one wasn't too terrible.We visited some friends this week and the girls decided to help Clara become a cat. She LOVED the mask.
And I forgot to write down the funny things as Clara said them, so I can't seem to think of a single thing this week. I know that's the highlight for a lot of my readers. Sorry to disappoint.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Very Random Happenings

The best thing about this week is when I was able to attend a conference lecture with Jeremy. They invited a descendent of Hyrum Smith to come show us some family heirlooms and talk about some family stories. It was amazing. I saw the clothes that Hyrum was martyred in, including the pocket watch he was wearing that was hit by a bullet. Also was the box that the Gold Plates were first hid in. I also saw Hyrum's sunglasses (who knew that sunglasses existed in 1844?), his rifle, his sword, and Lucy's footstool. It was an amazing presentation and I got to hear stories that I had never heard before.

With the weather getting warmer, we've been going outside a lot more. Clara was so excited to see that some flowers had grown in our front yard. She insists on both of us smelling them as soon as we walk outside - EVERY time we go outside!Clara loves to try and ride her bike. Her feet still can't reach the pedals for the entire rotation. Her solution is to have her friends do the work while she goes for a ride!
  • I was unloading groceries from the car and Clara insisted on carrying the gallon of milk. I let her try, and wasn't too surprised when she quickly put it down and said, "Mom, I'm not strong enough." I then picked it up and let her carry something else. Clara then said, "Mom, you have lots of muscles and are so strong to carry that milk!"
  • Clara came running inside from playing outside and said, "Mom, there are a lot of birds who are calling for their Mom's. They are lost!" Sure enough, tons of squawking birds were across the street!
  • Clara and I were having a discussion about wolves. At some point in the conversation, I asked her if she liked wolves. Her response, "No, I don't because they are kinda really scary."
  • I was getting Clara dressed one morning when she said, "I'm cold AND freezing. Both!"
And lastly, for your viewing pleasure here are more pictures that Clara took all by herself!