Monday, September 23, 2013

First Haircut

Jeremy got to attend a Muse concert with his cousin this week.  It was his main birthday present.  When Jeremy came home with 103 pictures taken on our camera, I knew I better post at least one for him..  :)
 Joseph received his first hair cut this week.  His mullet was getting bad enough that I had to get rid of it.  Here are the before pictures:
Joseph wasn't scared of the buzzing sound like I thought he would be.  Nor did he even mind the razor touching his head.  What he didn't like was not being able to touch it.
And the after pictures:
I love how the front before and after pictures don't look that different from each other! 

Clara also wanted to get her hair cut.  So I gave her a little trim and decided to try some bangs on her.

Friday, September 20, 2013

To My Beautiful Sister

Originally my sister, Rachael, wanted to keep this quiet.  She is a very private person and does not like the world knowing her business.  However, when Rachael discovered she has breast cancer, her husband's employer wanted to do something to help.  The Rexburg, ID fire department is selling pink T-Shirts for $15 to help raise money for my sister's medical bills.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please call the Rexburg FD at 208 359 3010.

As an update on her condition, she just returned home from the hospital from her mastectomy surgery.  She will find out in about a week how long she has to undergo chemotherapy and if she will end up needing a double mastectomy.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Jeremy

Jeremy's Birthday was this last week.  We celebrated by attending the temple and then going out for lunch.  It was sure nice to spend the day together!  We got him a Duck Dynasty trivia game that we've already played over and over.  Jeremy's main gift though is getting to attend the Muse concert on Thurs with his cousin.  He has been looking forward to that for months!

Also this week, Clara earned her Alphabet crown.  The kindergarten teachers in our school have come up with what they think are the basic things that all kids need to learn before leaving Kindergarten.  They then made up "prizes" for when kids learn those things.  One of those prizes is an Alphabet crown.  To earn it, a student has to recognize the entire alphabet (both upper and lower case letters) and know all the sounds the letters make.  When a student earns it, the entire class claps and cheers and the student feels extra special.  Clara was wearing her paper crown very proudly and hasn't stopped telling people about it since!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ordained a Deacon

The oldest grandchild on my side of the family was ordained a deacon this weekend.  I was so grateful that we got to head up there for a very quick weekend and be a part of it. 
Joseph has decided that he wants to be just like Mom and is so proud of himself when I let him play the piano.
Also this week, Clara decided to bring her Cinderella doll to life.  We found her strategically placed above the air vent so that her dress would poof out. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Melissa and Dave's Wedding

Jeremy's oldest sister got married this weekend.  Jeremy got to get off work early on Friday and walk over to the temple.  He thought that was pretty convenient of them to pick the temple that is closest to his job.
Here's the happy couple just getting out of the temple.
Awwww.  Don't they look so cute!

This is only half of the people who showed up to celebrate this very festive occasion!
Dave and Melissa standing in their extremely long reception line.
When the line was finally over, they decided to dance a few dances.
And some quick shots of the Bride and my family before the happy couple left!
Congrats Melissa and Dave!  Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us.
Here's a picture of our family taken while we were waiting for all the other pictures to finish up.
Jeremy's parents were able to come home from their mission for the wedding.  So we spent the rest of the holiday weekend having BBQs and game nights to get in as much time with them as we could before they had to head back East.  It was great to see you John and Sharon!  Thanks for being such a great example to our children and us!