Monday, June 30, 2014

Work and Family

Jeremy had a work BBQ this week.  We met up at Neptune Park.  I love getting to meet the people Jeremy works with, along with all the family members.
While there, Jeremy decided to climb to the top of the pyramid, despite his fear in heights.  Way to to babe!
Also this week, my sister, Kathryn, came to stay with us.  She brought her 5 kids along.  They were only able to stay one night, but we sure enjoyed having them here.  They enjoyed playing our Wii Sports Resort.
We were also able to visit Temple Square with them.  We visited Brigham Young's grave.  (Kathryn married a Young, so it was fun to be able to show the kids the head stone of their 5th great grandfather and grandmother.) 
We also saw the model of the Salt Lake Temple, the Christus, and took a tour of the Conference center.  The tour came last, so as I was helping Clara keep a smile, Kathryn was kind enough to carry Joe for a little while.  I love that he just cuddled right up to her!

Monday, June 23, 2014

MLBM and Trafalga

I took the kids to see the newly remodeled Monte L Bean Museum this week.  I loved the Boyd K Packer exhibit, but the kids hated it, so I didn't get to spend nearly the amount of time there that I wanted.  It's great to have the animals spread out a little!
They also added a play area with a tree house slide and a cave you can crawl through.
 I'm surprised that the kids weren't scared to craw through it with what's hiding in there:
We also got to go to the Trafalga in Lehi this week with some friends.  The kids loved playing mini golf with all the black lights.  There was even a surf board they could "ride."

Monday, June 16, 2014

John Beck Reunion

Due to some extenuating circumstances, Jeremy's immediate family reunion was bumped from Aug to June this year.  We only got to spend one day together for the reunion, but it was packed full of fun things!
People were practicing their golf swing, and had a great coach helping them improve too!
We got to play water baseball.  Clara didn't want to play at first, but then I told her that I would help her.  We hit the ball together and ran around the bases together.  She even got to score some points.  A little while after the game she said, "I sure am good at this baseball thing, even if it's tiring."
We then had a water balloon volleyball game.  Clara thought that game was much easier than baseball.
While the big kids were playing volleyball, Joe and Spencer had fun playing catch back and forth.  I guess they got tired though and decided to just hang out next to each other.
We got to make fruit loop necklaces,
as well as homemade ice cream.  Clara and Emily took turns throwing the ice cream bag back and forth to mix it up.
There was also plenty of time to play with rocks!
The Beck Clan:
We had a great day, thanks Mike and Genevieve for all your hard work in getting this together!  We'll all miss you when you leave for work, but are so grateful you have such a wonderful opportunity.

Collective Soul Concert

Jeremy's father's day gift was attending a Collective Soul concert this week.  We went with Jeremy's cousin, Brian and Brian's wife, Melanie.  We always love getting together with family that we don't get to see too often.  It's too bad we don't make it more of a priority.
It was held at the Sandy Amphitheater on a beautiful night!  It was perfect weather for being outside.  So glad I was able to go on a date with Jeremy!

Joe Loves Babies

We had the opportunity to play with some babies on Tuesday.  I'm always amazed at how much Joe loves to be with babies, and especially how gentle he is with them.  He always wants to hold them and take care of them.
Here he is with baby Dillon:
 And here's baby Elise:
Joe always gives lots of good hugs.

Monday, June 9, 2014

First week of Summer Vacation

On Monday, we invited the neighbor kids over to play in our pool.  I love how well Clara and Ericsson play with their younger siblings!
Tuesday we got to go to a movie, which Clara loved and Joe loved being able to climb on railings, run up and down the aisle, and do anything but watch the movie....  Good thing it's a matinee so that Joe was definitely not the only kid being loud.
Wednesday we got to go to story time at the library.  Joe really missed his music class for this last month, and I'm so glad we get to start going again!
Thursday was Seven Peaks.  I love the pass of all passes, and am so glad we invested in them!
Friday was a day of much needed rest!
Saturday we got to go to the Pony Express Days Carnival!  We splurged this year and bought day passes, so the kids could go on as many rides as they wanted.
It took Joe a while to warm up to the rides.  This was his very first ride, and he hung onto me for dear life the entire carrousel ride.
The second ride also wasn't any fun for  him, even with Dad cramming in with him, he was very apprehensive.
We assumed he would love the boat ride as his third ride:
Just as I was regretting paying for his all day pass, he started to get used to things.  After a while he would get mad when the rides stopped. He kept signing the word "again" over and over.  So glad the day turned out to be good for everyone.
Clara was even brave enough to try some of the older rides.  She got to ride the Ferris wheel over and over again with Jeremy.
Clara is already counting down the days until next year's carnival!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Clara's Farm Party

Clara has been begging me for months to be able to host a party.  I kept putting her off, hoping she would forget.  She never did, so I finally gave in.  The stipulation was that she had to plan it though.She decided a Farm themed party would be best.  We got invitations ready and she rode around our neighborhood to deliver the invitations.
The kids arrived in costume (and yes, Clara thinks she is wearing a farmer's wife's outfit.)  The first thing we did was make cowboy hats so we could play pin the hat on the cowgirl.
We then taped the hats (while blindfolded) onto the cow girl that Jeremy drew by hand:
Everyone pointing to where they ended up placing their hat.
We then got to go hold some baby chicks that our neighbors were kind enough to let all the kids come!
The kids also got to plant their own carrot seeds in a plastic cup that they got to take home as a party favor.
Lastly, the kids ate "farmer" food, which consisted of grapes, apples, bananas, carrots, and broccoli.
Clara was so proud of all her hard work.  I'm glad the kids were excited enough about a farm party to come!