Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Genevive Visits

Genevieve brought the kids from Missouri this last week, so we made sure to meet up with her and the kids so our kids could play and we could visit.  We met up at a splash pad that was about halfway between our house and where Genevieve was staying.  I tried to get my kids to just play on the normal playground until Genevieve got there, but as soon as Jackson saw water, there was no stopping him from going in. 
Unfortunately, once Genevieve got there, I forgot to take pictures.  So I don't have any of her kids, but we all had a blast playing together.  The kids played explorers and then we all had a picnic lunch at the park.  Thanks for making time to see us!

And once again, Sunday boredom brought out a game where Clara would tie Joe up and see if he could get himself free.  I'm glad they both loved the game so much.
Then for FHE, Joe wanted to go outside to build real Ninja Turtle Robots with a real hammer.  After explaining that we didn't have any other materials to build them other than the real hammer, he decided to use grass.  So we took turns hitting the grass with a real hammer to make imaginary ninja turtle robots.  When he finally got bored of that, we headed to our neighbor's yard where we all played together.

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Genevieve Beck said...

We had a great time too! Miss you all!