Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Matt and Kamee Visit

Before Matt and Kamee came to visit, we got to say good-bye to our back yard neighbors.  They are moving to Texas and we will miss them greatly.
My brother and his wife were able to spend nearly a week with us for their summer vacation.  They spent the first half of the week visiting her family, but we got some extensive fun time with them the second half of the week. We celebrated Pioneer Day with them by playing in some water.
Then we got to do some fireworks that night.  Here we are doing the Pop-Its. 
And the late night fire works were watched by these great people, who hated the flash being in their eyes :)
The next day, we rode the train to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square.  The kids thought the train was so much fun!
We started our visit at the Church History Museum.  Even though they had fun things for the kids to do, I would love to go back without kids so that I had time to really look at the things they had on display. 

One of the fun things that kids got to do though is play with some toys that the pioneer children would have played with.  Even Jackson loved the dancing dolls.
And Clara and Joe had fun making their own dolls dance.
We then headed to the North Visitor Center where a must see is the Chirstus.  Too bad the kids wouldn't hold still long enough to get a non blurry photo....
And lastly we met up with Jeremy and Grandma for some lunch.  It was such a fun day!

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